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Miranda Thomas

USA - SCoVE Research

Hi everyone! My name is Miranda Thomas, and I am a second year vet student at Iowa State University in the US. I'm interested in exotics, wildlife, and conservation medicine and research, and would love to work internationally or with NGOs after graduation. I am so excited to continue to work with the global veterinary education community through SCoVE for my second year. I look forward to helping vet students everywhere access academic resources and hope that our projects will help students to get the most out of their education.

Chair of SCoVE

Giorgos Kotsadam, IVSA Thessaly (Greece)

Former Chair

Lisa Buren, IVSA The Netherlands

SCoVE Ambassador manager

Adinda Rana Fauziah, IVSA Indonesia

Ioanna Kapna, IVSA Thessaly (Greece)

SCoVE Online Manager

Annina Müller, IVSA Switzerland

SCoVE Secretary

Shreeya Sharma, IVSA Nepal

SCoVE Research

Miranda Thomas, IVSA SAVMA

Kate Hartzler, IVSA SAVMA

SCoVE Official Members

Abigail Blanton, IVSA UK&Ireland

Thessa van Duinen, IVSA The Netherlands 

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