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- Lisa Buren, SCoVE Chair 2017 -2018


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EDU+ platform

The EDU+ Platform is a project of SCoVE which aims to gather all web sources (websites, platforms and educational material) related to Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Science and other interesting professional skills as Business & Administration that can help a veterinarian to be a highly skilled, organized, qualified and thinking professional. Click on the logo to discover our website! 


SCoVE workshops

SCoVE has created several workshops to promote veterinary education. To continue sharing this information, we need others to host these workshops in their own countries, at their local schools (elementary school, high school, and university) or IVSA member organization (MO).  These workshops can be a great way to host local IVSA events to make your MO more lively!

VET Talks

VET Talks was started in 2014 as a joint project between IVSA/SCoVE and WikiVet, with support from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), but is now solely run by the IVSA. VET Talks are 18 minute long online veterinary lectures inspired by TED Talks. These talks are provided free to veterinary students throughout the world. The lectures are recorded by outstanding speakers who are nominated by students from IVSA member organizations. The topic is recommended to be extraordinary or neglected within the veterinary universe, but all interesting topics are welcome.  VET Talks can be found on Youtube and AfriVip.

Vet Profession Map

The Veterinary Profession Map aims to promote awareness to veterinary students on the alternative careers available to them after graduation.  By sorting the available profession within veterinary medicine in different categories, you get a clear overview of your options after graduating. This is a project still under development.

VETs Talks

Similar to the VET Talks project, the VET Student Talks project allows veterinary students globally to have the opportunity to host their own presentations on a variety of interesting veterinary related subjects. If you are an enthusiastic veterinary student who would also like to submit your own VETs Talks, please email us at for more information, we would be very glad to provide you with any assistance needed.

Career Domain

SCoVE's Career+ program, available on EDU+, focuses on the following subjects:

  • Career Opportunities (Jobs etc.)

  • Vocational guidance (Veterinary Profession paths etc.)

  • Professional Development

  • Business & Management Skills (Management, Administration, Organizational Skills, Leadership etc)

  • Extra-veterinary skills (Ethic, Economic, IT Skills etc.)

SCoVE ambassadors

SCoVE is looking for an ambassador for their work on every vet school involved with IVSA.

  • An ambassador promotes the work of one of the educational partners, Vetstream, as well

  • The ambassador with the most points  will receive a prize, which would be a free congress registration, with free hotel and flights for one of the key international veterinary congresses: NAVC, BSAVA or WSAVA ​​

Find out more by clicking on the logo!

SCoVE Research

SCoVE utilizes the extensive global network of IVSA to conduct survey-based research on veterinary education.

  • The first research looked into 'The New Generation of Learning' addressing new educational tools and knowledge of the veterinarians of tomorrow.

  • The currently ongoing research is on 'The Financial Burden of Vet School' and hopes to uncover how student debt affects the career of veterinary students.

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