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Here you can find any advertisements for positions, such as Animal Welfare Ambassadors.

Animal Welfare Ambassador Application Call

IVSA Standing Committee for Animal Welfare (SCAW) aims to have an ambassador for every IVSA Member Organisation (MO) internationally. 
The ambassador’s role is to act as a point of contact between your local MO and IVSA SCAW; in particular the Regional Representatives. 
They need to inform the committee about current animal welfare issues within their region enabling the committee to keep up to date on animal welfare issues internationally and help us know what we can do to help your IVSA branch tackle these issues. As well as this, they should inform the committee on current animal welfare opportunities within their region; such as congresses, symposiums, internships and placements so we can create a database of these for veterinary students worldwide. They should play an active part in their branch by organising animal welfare events; especially for the upcoming animal welfare week!

The SCAW Ambassador will work closely with the Standing Committee on Animal Welfare to create projects within your local Member Organisation to raise awareness of welfare issues in your community.
Be the one that makes a difference!


Animal Welfare Patrons Application Call

IVSA Standing Committee on Animal Welfare (SCAW) is looking professionals, who want to share their carreer path, research projects etc. with students in order to motivate them to also strive for a carreer in the field of animal welfare. It also aims to show students, how they can start working and achieve a similar job in this particular field. 


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