WGP | Working Group on Policies

Position Statements

These are short statements that convey a policy with regards to a particular topic and are generally released on certain days or events. They are not binding for any representative of IVSA, but are merely meant to guide them in expressing IVSA's views on a global stage within the context of the event they are bound to. They are critically reviewed by the ExCo before release.

Policy Papers

These are more extensive documents, which tend to cover the topics on which they focus more generally. They represent the current view of the majority of veterinary students around the globe and can thus only be approved by the General Assembly.

Draft Policy Papers

Policy Papers that will soon be presented to the General Assembly for approval. Even if you are not able to attend Congress or Symposium, we would like to hear your opinion on these papers, which is why they are shared here for you to read and comment on.

Submission of paper ideas

IVSA is committed to representing students in all things that matter. Around the world there are always numerous things going on and though the Working Group on Policies is dedicated to focussing on them all, we are eager to hear any ideas you as a member might have. If you have a topic you think is important for IVSA to share an official opinion on. Please let us know.

"No matter which IVSA Committee you are in, you can be sure you are truly making a difference to students all over the world! Enjoy exploring what we get up to through this new and improved webpage!"

- Melissa de Lombaert, Chair of the Working Group on Policies 2016-2017

Contact us at policies@ivsa.org


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