Worldwide Survey on Wellness

Worldwide Survey on Wellness

IVSA has an unique position: the voice and opinions of veterinary students from all over the world can be heard. Wellness in the veterinary profession is a concern of the IVSA as well a students globally. How can we make sure all these opinions are gathered and we can speak on behalf of international veterinary students? You guessed it, create a survey and draw conclusions based on the results! For this survey, EVERY STUDENTS' VOICE IS IMPORTANT! If you're reading this, take the opportunity to help us change the future for veterinary students by filling in the survey!


'Mind over Matter'

The ‘Mind over Matter’ project consists in a journal published several times a year with dedicated articles on the wellness cause directly targeted to students and the veterinary profession. It features some of the SCoW projects as well as some informative leaflets and interviews. A journal is a great way to reach out and deliver good quality information, giving students a better understanding of mental health, wellness and some of the more challenging parts of veterinary medicine. If you are interested in submitting an article or being interviewed for the next issue, please let us know! Send an email to and the committee will guide you !


We are interviewing student and veterinarians from all over the world about mental and physical health issues in the veterinary professions. By sharing their stories, we're hoping that other can relate more easily and take that step to talk about their issues. Raising awareness is important but we can't do it alone, we need your help! Read more about the interviews and how to sign up to be interviewed here!

Organizing events, lectures & workshops

SCoW works to organize many types of events all over the globe. There is a template presentation available for all IVSA members so that you can present at your university or event. During the IVSA congress and symposium we organize different types of events; informative lectures, ice-breaking workshops, physical activities, stress relief, and acts of kindness. 


Did you organize an event to promote or improve wellness in veterinary students or veterinarians? Please let us know! 

Wellness Toolkit


The Wellness Toolkit is a database for activities to promote wellness individually or in groups. This allows students to learn new ways of coping with stress, anxiety and other wellness disorders empowering a new generation of veterinarians into being happier, more fulfilled veterinarians. We will provide resources by different types of stress- Health, Financial, Academic, Compassion Fatigue and more! This will be available by May of 2018.

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