Animal Welfare Videos 

"When humans act with cruelty we characterise them as 'animals', yet the only animal that displays cruelty is humanity."

Depressed dogs, cats with OCD - what animal madness means for us humans - Laurel Braitman


The fight to end rare-animal trafficking in Brazil - Juliana Machado Ferreira


Leather and meat without killing animals - Andras Forgacs


How poachers became caretakers - John Kasaona


The great penguin rescue - Dyan Denapoli


What are animals thinking and feeling? - Carl Safina


How humans and animals can live together - Jane Goodall


What separates us from Chimpanzees? - Jane Goodall


Chimps have feelings and thoughts. They should also have rights - Steven Wise


The voice of the natural world - Bernie Krause


Life lessons from big cats - Beverly and Dereck Joubert


For more wonder, rewild the world - George Monbiot


How we’re growing baby corals to rebuild reefs - Kristen Marhaver


How the teddy bear taught us compassion - Jon Mooallem


What’s wrong with our food system - Birke Baehr


How we rescued the “dancing bears” - Kartick Satyanarayan


Why I love vultures - Munir Virani

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